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Community Energy Hubs
Microgrid Project

Cheaper, sustainable energy for residents in Multi-Tenanted buildings

Ovida and its partners are collaborating with the Victorian Government to prove that residents of multi-tenanted sites can easily access and benefit from solar power and battery storage through a community microgrid.

For too long, the complexity and cost of installing and operating green energy solutions in multi-tenanted sites has been a barrier to tenants accessing cheaper, greener electricity.

Ovida want to challenge this by trialling a flexible microgrid solution for tenants in apartments and mixed commercial buildings, as part of the Victorian Government’s Microgrid Demonstration Initiative.

Ovida, in conjunction with its partners will establish 3 multi-tenanted buildings with rooftop solar PV; battery storage; demand management software, off-market metering and monitoring and customer support services.

What is a Community Energy Hub?

A Community Energy Hubs is a small network or microgrid of electricity users with a shared local source of energy supply (solar and battery storage) that has the ability to intelligently share the energy between all users within the microgrid to maximise the efficient usage of the energy generated on site, while still connected to the electricity grid. The entire microgrid system communicates and operates by way of intelligent energy management systems.

We are proposing to :

  • install a tailored battery storage and solar system for the building at no upfront cost to owners or tenants
  • offer the cheaper microgrid green power to all tenants who wish to participate via the introduction of a unique energy management system
  • Be responsible for all the system maintenance and operations –we just need to use the site owner’s roof
  • Monitor all system performance, keep tenants informed and conduct surveys to gain participant feedback.

How does the Community Energy Hub and the main electricity grid work together?

The microgrid provides a cheaper and sustainable energy to your tenancy or apartment that will save you money. The microgrid is a supplementary or additional electricity source to your main electricity grid connection. There is no change to your main electricity grid connection from this project, you will still receive electricity from the main electricity grid, when there is a high demand on the onsite solar and battery storage system, or when the sun is not shining to generate solar energy.

What are the benefits for Owners and Tenants?

  • Installation of solar and battery storage system at no upfront cost
  • Lower cost electricity generated, stored and managed onsite – you only get billed for what you use
  • Price certainty – the rate we sell you energy is subject to CPI only
  • No mandatory participation from owners or tenants and flexibility to join or leave the program at any stage
  • Everyone can continue to choose their own grid energy retailer arrangements
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Individual and community empowerment via great energy choice and control.

Who is involved in the Project?

The Community Energy Hub Project is funded by the Victorian Government, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Ovida is owned and backed by one of Australia’s largest energy infrastructure owner-operators, SGSP (Australia), who are entrusted with the management of essential services for over 1.7 million customers across Australia.

The Community Energy Hub Project Team is comprised of:

Is my building suitable to participate in the project?

The Project Team is looking for a variety of multi-tenanted buildings (between 10-50 tenants in each) to participate in the initial review stage of the project: residential apartment buildings, mixed residential and commercial buildings and shopping centres will all be considered.

We are keen to meet with the you and/or the building owner/s to discuss the project in more detail. We will also need to conduct a 1 hour site inspection (at no cost) to assess the suitability of the site.

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